It’s Show Time

January 14, 2020

As preparing for a stock show can be overwhelming, here are some basic products and reminders to get you and your animal ready for the big day!


  • Mini Deep Hanging Showbox is perfect for when you just need to fit the essentials! It can hold up to 2 gallons of product, multiple grooming tools and is easily movable!
  • Hanging Showbox can hold 2 show whips in the lid, multiple gallons of product, and tons of grooming supplies!
  • Deep Hanging Showbox was designed extra deep so you can fit everything you need. Grooming supplies, multiple whips, several gallons of product and any aerosol cans you need to bring will fit in this box!

Clipping and Grooming:

As feeding your animals the perfect rations to get them looking their best is important...clipping, grooming and using the right finishing products is equally just as important! Before clipping, you will want to make sure you wash and dry your animals thoroughly. Then, you will want to have a stiffer brush so you can get all of the dirt and dead hair off. It is also very important to make sure you are using the correct number tooth comb and guards when clipping. The best time to clip your animals would be 3-5 days before the big show!

We offer a variety of electric clippers to supply you with the best results depending on what you specifically need. Some of our more popular clippers are:

  • Oster Showmaster Clippers: The Showmaster clippers are electric clippers that can cut 700-3,000 strokes per minute. These clippers contain a 3” shearing head, a 20 tooth comb, and a 4-point cutter.
  • Lister Laser 2 Clippers: The Laser 2 Clippers are electric clippers that come with a very powerful 180W motor to help you with the most challenging clipping situations.


  • Weaver Coconut Shampoo: Coconut Shampoo is based with coconut oil which will help promote healthier looking skin as well as cleaning and conditioning the skin and hair. Weaver Medicated Shampoo: Medicated Shampoo is based with tea tree oil and eucalyptus to heal and prevent rough areas on the skin
  • Weaver Brightening Shampoo: Brightening Shampoo will provide the best whitening effect without dying or staining. It will also provide a very conditioned and fresh looking result. Weaver Waterless Shampoo: Waterless Shampoo is perfect for the moments when you don’t need to do a complete body wash but need to touch up a few spots.


  • Weaver Conditioning Cream: Conditioning Cream is based on coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E to provide a soft finishing look.
  • Weaver Hide Lotion: Hide Lotion is perfect for a finishing touch on a show day. It provides a fresh and well conditioned look.

Grooming Aid:

  • Weaver Purple Oil: Purple Oil is a multipurpose grooming aid that will leave the hair and skin rehydrated and conditioned.

Finishing Products:

  • Weaver Chill: Chill is perfect for using right before the animals enter the ring. will add shine while also leaving a tightened and firm look.
  • Weaver Rag Oil: Rag Oil will help condition, restore, and prevent dandruff on all classes of livestock.


We provide several options when it comes down to blow drying your livestock!

  • Circuiteer I: A heavy duty but lightweight dryer that allows you to choose from one or two motors depending on your preference of blowing power.
  • Circuiteer II: A heavy duty but lightweight dryer that comes with a 15’ hose and a blower tip. It also comes with a choice of one or two motors based on your preference.

Showrite Products:

We carry a variety of Showrite products that will help prepare your livestock! Some of our more popular products include:

  • Accent: Accent offers several Alltech ingredients that will strengthen the immune system.
  • Swell: Swell is a perfect show day supplement that will give your animal the necessary show day fill and bulk!
  • Fat N Fluffy: Fat N Fluffy is a high fat supplement that will increase palatability and optimal intake.

If you have any questions come see us at Palmer Feed & Supply!

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