Looking For Custom Feed Milling? Palmer Feed Can Help

August 25, 2016

For more than half a century, Texas farmers and ranchers have relied on Palmer Feed & Supply as their partner in providing only the best in feed, supplies and services. And throughout these fifty years and some change, we’ve definitely seen a lot of revolutionary change in the farming and ranching business.

One aspect that has stayed constant, however, is our farm and ranch family of customers wanting to give their livestock only the best feed, supplements and nutrition that yields the best results – for their herd and their wallet.

Take beef cattle, for example. Every rancher and cattleman understands feeding his or her herd isn’t cheap. According to the University of Wisconsin, feed accounts for 60-80% of total production costs – and that’s no chump change. Trying to figure out the perfect rations to fuel your herd can be both financially draining and time draining as different classes and weights require different amounts of food, nutrition, protein, minerals and more. It’s also important to remember as seasons change, feed requirements change, too.

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Feeding Your Cattle

In addition to our variety of top-of-the-line, high-quality, specially-formulated prepackaged feed, we offer feed milling and custom ration services, ensuring your livestock always receives the proper amount of energy and nutrition throughout their entire lifecycle.

Feed Milling And Custom Ration Livestock Benefits

Feed milling and custom ration services are tailor-made by our own Palmer & Feed nutritionist and in our state-of-the-art mill, ensuring your livestock receives everything they need based on weight and workload, resulting in a hassle-free way to keep your animals in tip-top shape with rationed feed portions and the customized nutrition they need to thrive. This not only provides nutrients needed to grow and yield the results you’re looking for, it also eliminates waste – saving you money and taking the guesswork when it comes to feeding time.

For custom quality pellets, cubes and textured feeds for all livestock and wildlife, Palmer Feed & Supply is your go-to store. We customize your feed and deliver to you. Our professional staff and knowledgeable nutritionist are always ready to help, and dealer inquiries are always welcome.

Palmer Feed & Supply – The Best In Texas For Your Livestock

We understand it takes a lot of time, money and hard work to maintain your livestock. Palmer Feed & Supply offers the best in custom feed rations, as well as all of your farming, ranching and supply needs. With locations in San Angelo and Balinger Texas, as well as a large, online store, Palmer Feed & Supply is West Texas’ number one agricultural center.

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