Winter is Here: Here’s How to Keep Your Animals Healthy

November 10, 2016

Although winters in Texas may be mild in comparison to other regions of the country, there is still the need to prepare for changes in the weather. If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that even in Texas, we can have unexpected changes during the winter months. At Palmer Feed and Supply, we have the supplies, equipment and services you to need to keep your animals healthy and safe through whatever weather the winter may bring.

Stock Up on Feed

When winter weather hits, you want to ensure you have an adequate supply of feed for your livestock on hand. Palmer Feed has a wide variety of feed, hay and other food sources for your livestock with multiple options available for your convenience. Before the winter, take advantage of these services to stock up on your feed:

  • Delivery: We can deliver bulk or bagged feed for your farm in the quantities you need for the months ahead. Get all the feed you need delivered right to your location. Ask about our hopper bottom delivery and competitive rates.
  • Easy feed trailers: Need a trailer to haul your feed? We have two trailers available for your use, free of charge with your feed order. Our Bruton Easy Feed Trailers can haul up to four tons of feed to fill your feeders quickly and efficiently.

We also have feeders and tanks for sale for your livestock. Choose from bunk, trough, creep, mineral, round bale and stall feeders to keep your livestock fed during the winter. For watering, we have a wide variety of stock tanks. It would also be beneficial to invest in de-icer equipment for your stock tanks to ensure you are prepared in the event of unexpected freezes.

Fencing Repairs

Now is the time to ensure your fences are ready for potential winter storms. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your livestock are escaping during a winter storm. Palmer Feed has the supplies you need to repair your fences and keep your livestock secure during the winter months. We have the following fencing repair products available at our store in San Angelo:

  • Smooth, barbed and welded wires
  • Field fencing
  • Welded and framed wire panels
  • T-post
  • Poultry netting
  • Corral panels
  • Bow gates
  • Deer-proof gates

We also have the tools and equipment needed for completing your fence repairs, including pliers, stretcher bars, clips, splicing sleeves and more. Our experienced staff can help you find everything you need to repair your old fence or build a new one before the worst of the winter weather hits.

For over 50 years, Palmer Feed and Supply has been the local source for high-quality feed and supplies for all your livestock needs. We take pride in the quality of products we manufacture and sell – we also offer unmatched customer service to ensure your complete satisfaction. Come visit us today to get everything you need to keep your animals healthy and safe throughout the winter months ahead. We look forward to meeting all of your farm, pet and livestock needs!

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