Barrel Racing Jackpot

July 16, 2021

Barrel Racing Jackpot

San Angelo TX 

Red Barn Indoor Arena- 4602 Cuero St

Fri Aug 6        Fri Sept 17   Fri Oct 29

Fri Aug 20      Fri Oct 1       Fri Nov 12

Fri Sept 3       Fri Oct 15

4:00- Arena Opens

4:30-7:00 Exhibitions ($5)

7:30 Race- Open 4D ($50)

                  Youth 2D ($25)

                  Rancher 2D ($25)

Pre-Enter the Monday before each race! PreDraw will be posted Wednesday nights. 

Text 575-707-3231 or send message on Facebook to Poison Spider Barrel Racing

Half splits in Open, whole split in Youth. Youth is for 14yo ad younger. 75% payback. Rancher class if for anyone who for any reason feels they will not be competitive in the open 4D. Rancher 1D will start one second off the winning 4D tme in the Open and Rancher 2D will be 2 seconds off the Rancher 1D time. If you enter the Rancher and run an Open time your time will be disqualified. No alcohol or glass bottles. Please clean up your manure/trash before you leave. Thank you, 

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