Deer Feeders

  • GreenGo Corn/Protein Deer Feeders

          GreenGo Deer Feeders

    400# Low Profile Feeder  -  Item No. 19GG400

    800# Low Profile Feeder  -  Item No. 19GG800

    750# Free Choice Protein Feeder  -  Item No. 19GG750P
    1000#  Timed Protein feeder - Item No. 19GG1000P

    The 400# & 800# stand-to-fill feeders feature a 14 gauge steel hopper, reinforced inside and includes the Timer and battery. The lid is hinged for easy access. Skirting on all four sides sheds rain down and away from your timer/motor. Feed that falls straight down slides down the ramps and onto the ground, so none is accumulated under the feeder where the wildlife can’t get it. The timer access door is full width and height for ease of changing batteries and setting the timer. Plates are attached to the base for staking the feeder to the ground, guarding against tipping by cows and hogs.