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  • GreenGo Corn/Protein Deer Feeders

          GreenGo Deer Feeders

    400# Low Profile Feeder  -  Item No. 19GG400

    800# Low Profile Feeder  -  Item No. 19GG800

    750# Free Choice Protein Feeder  -  Item No. 19GG750P

    The 400# & 800# stand-to-fill feeders feature a 14 gauge steel hopper, reinforced inside and includes the Timer and battery. The lid is hinged for easy access. Skirting on all four sides sheds rain down and away from your timer/motor. Feed that falls straight down slides down the ramps and onto the ground, so none is accumulated under the feeder where the wildlife can’t get it. The timer access door is full width and height for ease of changing batteries and setting the timer. Plates are attached to the base for staking the feeder to the ground, guarding against tipping by cows and hogs.




    We have studied all the other "Fill From the Ground" Feeder versions on the market and believe we have covered all their weakness.

    From Top to Bottom:

    • Galvanized Spring Attached Drop on Lid
    • 55 gal. metal drum (Easily replaced if need be)
    • Sealed and lockable timer/battery box at eye level
    • Timer along with 12 V. rechargeable battery
    • 12 volt Solar Panel mounted flush with no exposed wires
    • 12 volt motor enclosed in PVC conduit & wires run inside barrel
    • Funnel installed
    • The eliminator rectangle spinner plate (No Feed Loss!!)
    • All metal frame with H/D welded wire varmint cage
    • 2 set bolts to secure drum to frame
    • Access door to spinner plate and motor
    • No exposed wires
    • Galvanized deflector shield
    • Skidded for easy relocation and holes in skids to stake down (stakes not provided)

    Item# 19HHFORG


    **Easy to Assemble, Long Lasting, & Easy to Fill**

    • Upper tripod assembly is all welded for maximum strength
    • The legs, which are 2" sq. tubing, slide in and secure with1/2" set bolt
    • Lid is 1/8" plate and remains at top while only the drum lowers, by cable winch, to the ground to be filled
    • Feeder assembly is coated with zinc chromate paint for long lasting finish
    • Top pulley has bronze bushing for long life and winch cable is 3/16" galvanized
  • Low Profile Eliminator Feeder

    Low Profile Eliminator Feeders

    Our VARMINT ELIMINATOR feeder features The Eliminator spinner that allows the spinner to open when in use and close up tight to the funnel to prevent any critters from getting feed out of the feeder when not in use. This saves 40% in feed dispersal. Our VARMINT ELIMINATOR is designed to protect your feed from raccoons, squirrels, coons and anything else that may try to get a free meal eliminating the need for a cage. Our unit is low to the ground so it is conveniently and safely filled from ground level. A special feature is a heavy duty 16 gauge lower pan that surrounds the lower area of the feeder so no feed falls under the feeder thus decreasing the chances of big bucks from damaging antlers and hogs from attempting to go under the feeder for that last kernel of corn.


    * “THE TIMER” runs the high-torque 12v motor throwing corn 35+ feet in all directions. These top quality electronics in the VARMINT ELIMINATOR are securely located inside the hopper with a lockable door eliminating exposed wires. The included 12v solar panel keeps the battery charged.

    * Hopper and motor bay is sprayed with Rubberized undercoating to prevent moisture and dirt from contaminating feed and protecting electronics.

    * Heavy duty, high-end galvanized steel is used throughout the feeder and wide-stance, super strong welded square tubing legs with predrilled welded foot pads are used to stake the unit down.

    * Safety first! No dangerous ladder needed as the feeder can be loaded at ground level and has a built-in sight glass to conveniently monitor feed levels. Lockable hopper lid is easy to open.

    * Lifetime Warranty

    Item# 19VG300