Ritchie Livestock Waterers

  • WaterMaster


    A popular choice in feedlots, pastures, and dairies across North America, the WaterMaster series features a heavy-duty one piece polyethylene body that holds up even under the weight of cattle. The trough slopes to a large drain and can be emptied, cleaned, and refilled in a fraction of the time other fountains take to empty. Requiring 75% less energy in the winter than concrete units, the WaterMaster won't pit or cause cleaning problems. The WaterMaster is backed with Ritchie's 10 year limited warranty.


    - Solid polyurethane foam insulation keeps water ice-free longer in winter, cooler in summer

    - Easy access to all service areas

    - Unique water seal keeps cold air away from valve

    - Quick refill valve allows a longer storage volume for fresher water

    - Built in anchor pockets and overflow

    - Built for rugged feedlot, pasture and dairy conditions

    - Meets Grade A dairy recommendations

    - Constant flow available on all models

    - Immersion heater and self regulating heat cable optional for freezing conditions

    Item No    Description    Drinking Height   Gallons     Herd Capacity   
    29B54 WaterMaster 54          22"    18 200 cattle/100 dairy
    29B90 WaterMaster 90          22"    30 300 cattle/150 dairy

    * Other styles and sizes available!

    * Call for prices and availability!

  • Watermatic

    Ritchie Watermatic

    The WaterMatic Series features the top value and best performance with the easiest operation and maintenance. WaterMatics include Ritchie's drop-in cover design, with the ease of finger lift service and the airtight water seal. All surfaces slope to the drains for easy clean out. Drain plugs may be moved to valve chamber openings for short-term shut off during cleaning, when the pen is empty, during excessively cold nights or when you don't want your animals drinking.

    The rugged, impact resistant, one-piece polyethylene construction provides superior insulation and is safe for animals. All edges and corners are smooth and rounded, so animals can't hurt themselves.

    The Watermatic 100 and 150 are built for horses and small operations and can be used in individual stalls or pens. The 150, 150S, and 300 are ideal for fence line application with two troughs. the WaterMatic 150S was designed specifically for goats and sheep. The 150S features a lower drinking height and a uniquely domed valve cover to keep goats from climbing and standing on fountain.


    - No gaskets to crack, tear or leak

    - Ritchie's proven valve for quick refill

    - One piece rugged fountain body

    - Generous side access panel

    - Polyurethane insulation sealed inside polyethylene parts

    - Anchor holes accommodate drills

    - Immersion heater and self regulating heat cable optional for freezing conditions

    Item No.


    Drinking Height  


      Herd Capacity

    29B100 Watermatic 100       18"   2.8  20 cattle/horses
    29B150 Watermatic 150       18"   4.2  40 cattle/horses
    29B150S   Watermatic 150S         13"   4.2 100 sheep/goats
    29B300 Watermatic 300       26"   8.2 125 cattle/60 diary

    * Other styles and sizes available!

    * Call for pricing and availability!