Small Animal Carriers/Totes

  • Totes


    • Easy slide doors
    • Assembly hardware included
    • Fits compact and full size pickup
    • Attractive powder coated finish
    Item No.      Description          Dimensions
    29MGTSM   Compact Size Tote     52"(L)x39"(W)x36"(H)
    29MGTFS   Full Size Tote     52"(L)x48"(W)x36"(H)

    * Call for Pricing and Availability.

  • Small Animal Carrier

    Item No. 29R298110

    Small Animal Carrier

    • 1 3/8” GATORSHIELD galvanized tubing
    • 41” tall with 4” x 4” wire panel.
    • Comes equipped with a sliding door.
    • Designed to be loaded easily by anyone.

    Dimensions: 47" x 60"