Squeeze Chutes

  • Squeeze Chute M1-V w/ Vertical Tailgate

    Squeeze Chute M1-V w/ Vertical Tailgate

    Item No. 29B5882

    A user-friendly, heavy-duty chute designed for animal and operator safety. Capable of handling the largest mature animals yet providing maximum adjustability from 2500 lbs down to 300 lbs.


    • Right-hand or left-hand control operation
    • Dual side exits
    • Choice of fully sheeted split tailgate or "Easy Action" vertical lift tailgate
    • Dual neck access area for safe and easy vaccinations
    • Double-side squeeze
    • Dual side Drop-Down Side Bars
    • Drop-down and detachable Sheeted Side Panels
    • Double Bottom Floor adjusts from 8"-29" (16 settings)


    • Overall Height: 99"
    • Inside Height: 69"
    • Inside Chute Length: 96"
    • Overall Length w/ either Headgate, w/Vertical Tailgate: 104"
    • Usable Inside Floor Width: 23"
    • Weight: 1060 LBS

    * Head Gate Sold Separately.

  • Self Catch HeadGate

    Item No. 29B0142

    Self Catch HeadGate

    • Adjustable from both sides for a more precise fit and increased safety
    • Available with or without Nek-Stender Bars
    • Attaches to any Big Valley chute, right-hand or left-hand operation
    • Adjusts to handle livestock from 300 lbs. and up
    • Pins allow for quick adjustment of width opening
    • Recommended for M1 & M1-V chutes.
    • Available with or without Nek-Stender Bars