Field Fence

  • Oklahoma Brand



    Oklahoma Field Fence:

        Item No.    Description   Height    Feet per Roll   Gauge
    29OK939612.5  939-6-12.5     39"     330'    12.5
    29OK9391212.5    939-12-12.5     39"     330'    12.5
    29OK1047612.5  1047-6-12.5   47"     330'    12.5
    29OK10471212.5    1047-12-12.5    47"     330'    12.5
    29OK1047611  1047-6-11   47"     330'    11
    29OK10471211  1047-12-11   47"     330'    11
    29OK1348412.5  1348-4-12.5   48"     330'    12.5

    Key Benefits:

    OK Brand Field Fence (woven wire) is manufactured in a wide selection of heights and styles featuring a graduated spacing that starts with small openings at the bottom which helps prevent entry from small animals. The hinge-lock knot allows the fencing to give under pressure and spring back into shape. It also expands or contracts under changing weather, giving flexibility and added strength. This quality fencing ensures a solid construction over any terrain. Our field fence is designed using a variety of spacing configurations to accommodate horses, cattle, hogs and other large animals.

    OK Brand Premium Field Fence is produced with a Class I zinc coating, in a 11 or 12.5 gauge. Heights range from 39” to 47”, with a stay opening of either 6” or 12” and a length of 330’ (20 rods). A uniform strength provides the best stretching possible and the range of sizes available will meet all your fencing needs.

  • Stay-Tuff Brand


         Item No.  Description     Height    Feet per Roll
    29ST9496330    949-6-330    49"       330'
    29ST94912660   949-12-660    49"       660'
    29ST13483200  1348-3-200    48"       200'
    29ST13486330  1348-6-330    48"       330'
    29ST134812330    1348-12-330    48"       330'
    29ST134812660  1348-12-660    48"       660'
    29ST16613200  1661-3-200    61"       200'
    29ST16616330  1661-6-330    61"       330'
    29ST20966330  2096-6-330    96"       330'
    29ST209612330  2096-12-330    96"       330'
    29ST209612660  2096-12-660    96"       660'

    It really is time for a new idea in fencing. More strength. Much longer life. Much less costly to install. A better idea. We call that "the Stay-Tuff Advantage." It's all because the unique Stay-Tuff manufacturing method offers several advantages over conventional hinge-joint products. It's just better for the modern rancher and farmer.

    To begin with, the product is manufactured from 12 1/2 gauge, Hi-Tensile, class 3 galvanized wire, offering three times the life and nearly four times the strength over most conventional low tensile wire. Hi-Tensile wire won't stretch. It has less than 1% elongation, compared to 11% elongation for low tensile wire. When you combine this with a very deep crimp, the producer can put up the fence, tighten it, and the fence will remain tight. When stock pressure, snow load, and the occasional tree falls on the fence, it will give with the load, it will not stretch, and it will spring back to its original shape.

    Stay-Tuff fence is manufactured using a solid vertical stay rather than the conventional hinge-joint between vertical and horizontal wires. This provides superior vertical strength, allowing the fence to literally stand by itself, and providing much greater resistance to stock pressure preventing penetration of the fence. And last, but certainly not least, Stay-Tuff is manufactured domestically right here in Texas.

    Key Benefits

    Economical—total construction cost is less than standard net wire with barbed wire. Stay - Tuff needs half the posts required for standard field fence, and there’s no need for barbed wire. Save money on labor costs as knots are stripped on both ends of the fence, ready to tie, saving 20-30 minutes per roll

    Resists rust & corrosion—lasts 3 to 4 times as long as standard farm fence

    Superior strength—3 times stronger than standard net wire

    Impact resistant—the fence fabric gives with pressure and does not stretch out of shape. Won’t sag or squash with downward pressure. Low-to-no-maintenance fence. Multiple function designs

    Video Description and Demo

  • Non-Clim Horse Fence

    Non-Climb Horse Wire:

    Item # 29F26 - 5’ Non-Climb Horse Wire, 100’ Roll

    Item # 29F47 - 4’ Non-Climb Horse Wire, 100’ Roll

    This fence offers rigid yet flexible construction that makes it ideal for installation over rolling meadows or hilly terrain. Its superior strength and narrow "non-climb" mesh pattern are designed to withstand the most vigorous of equine antics with ease. The bright galvanized finish presents a handsome appearance with virtually no maintenance. Non-Climb" Mesh

    This closely-woven 2"x4" vertical mesh pattern has been specifically designed to prevent horses, cows, sheep, goats, or other hoofed animals from "stepping through" or "walking down" the fence. Features the Red Brand Square Deal® Knot. Also suitable for dog kennels.

    **Special Order Items Only**