Hi-Pro Protein Blocks

  • Hi-Pro 20% Protein Blk 33.33#

    Feeding Directions

    Feed this feed as a free choice supplement to breeding sheep and goats on native, or improved, pasture forage to help maintain body condition and productivity. Consumption should be in the range of 0.5 to 1.5 pounds per head per day for sheep and goats. When starting animals on supplements, be sure to begin feeding at low amounts and allow them to adapt to the new feed inputs.

    Provide fresh clean water at all times. Keep feed fresh in cool, dry storage. DO NOT use feed that is old, molded or insect contaminated.

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Crude Protein20.0%Salt (NaCl), max14.00%
    Crude Fat1.5%Copper (Cu), min8.0 ppm
    Crude Fiber8.6%Copper (Cu), max15.0 ppm
    Calcium (Ca), min2.90%Zinc (Zn), min170 ppm
    Calcium (Ca), max3.70%Selenium (Se), min1.10 ppm
    Phosphorous (P), min0.90%Vitamin A, min20,000 IU/lb
    Salt (NaCl), min12.30%
    Natural ProteinThe protein source for this supplement is from all natural plant sources to provide quality protein for your livestock’s productivity and gains.
    Moderate FirmnessThis block has a moderate level of firmness so that your animals can consumer a sufficient amount to provide the nutrients they need to remain productive when forage conditions warrant supplementation.
    0.90% PhosphorusPhosphorus is added to this supplement to help your livestock in reproduction and the many digestive and bodily functions that depend on phosphorus.
    Low CopperThere is no added copper to this supplement so it can be fed to your livestock without fear of your sheep getting too much copper. It can also be the primary supplement for sheep alone on native pasture. The copper levels in this feed are the result of natural copper levels in the feed ingredients.
    Vitamin AA high level of vitamin A is added to this supplement to insure that your livestock receive a sufficient amount for the many functions influenced by vitamin A such as eyesight, reproduction, and overall health. 

    Item No. 01G102

  • Hi-Pro 37% Protein Blk 33.33#

    Feeding Directions

    Feed free choice with adequate supply of roughage. Allow one block for each five (5) head of cattle or twenty-five (25) head of sheep or goats. Distribute blocks over large enough area to prevent crowding of livestock. Distance from water will help control consumption. Blocks may be strung out from water in the direction livestock are desired to graze. Blocks may be placed in underutilized parts of the pasture. Feed on well-drained ground or in troughs.

    Caution: Use as directed.

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Crude Protein, min37.0%Salt (NaCl), min13.3%
    Crude Fat, min1.5%Salt (NaCl), max15.1%
    Crude Fiber, max10.0%Potassium (K), min1.0%
    Calcium (Ca), min1.8%Selenium (Se), min0.1 ppm
    Calcium (Ca), max2.3%Vitamin A, min25,000 IU/lb
    Phosphorous (P), min0.8%
    Supplies protein to improve forage digestibility.Micro flora in the rumen are provided the needed protein to digest dormant or poor quality forage.
    Formulated for beef cattle, goats and sheep.Animals are provided needed protein and energy for efficient production.
    Added phosphorus.Provides extra phosphorus for growth and reproduction.
    Trace mineral fortified.Provides essential trace minerals zinc, selenium, manganese, iodine, and cobalt.
    Vitamin A supplemented.Provides essential vitamin A necessary for support of growth, health and reproduction.

    Item No. 01G103