Multi-Species Supplements

  • MoorFat™


    (Available in 50# bag or 20# bucket.)

    An Energy Supplement for Swine, Sheep, Goats and Cattle Being Fed for Exhibition.

    MoorFat can be used to enhance condition and performance of exhibitionswine, sheep, and goats. Components of MoorFat yield a smooth, well-defined body condition along with healthy skin and a glossy hair coat. Long-term feeding (at least 30 to 60 days) of MoorFat may provide a more preferred "finish" in exhibition livestock that are too lean in body composition. MoorFat can be used to conveniently increase energy levels when feed intake is depressed during stress or hot weather to keep show animals growing and/or performing at their peak. MoorFat is an energy supplement comprised of animal fat encapsulated in a milk protein carrier in powder form; available in 20 lb pails and 50 lb bags.


    • Energy from animal fat - Provides a hard, clean cover and finish for show animals; provides extra energy needed for optimal growth.
    • Palatable - Readily consumed; encourages feed intake, which is advantageous during hot weather when feed intake may be depressed.
    • Powder form - Eliminates the need to have a fat tank to hold liquid fat; easy to top-dress or mix in rations.

    Mixing Rate for Show Swine, Sheep, Goats and Cattle -
    Show Swine, Sheep and Goats: Top-dress 2-4 oz/hd/day, not to exceed 10% of daily intake. If top-dressed at greater than 4 oz/hd/day, additional vitamin and mineral supplementation may be required. MoorFat may also be mixed in rations at the rate of 120 lb/ton (6%).

    Show Cattle: Top-dress 0.25-0.5 lb/hd/day. If more than 0.5 lb/hd/day is needed to achieve desired body condition, additional vitamin and mineral supplementation may be required. 

    Item No. 01AM235AA - 50lbs bag

    Item No. 01AM235AA77 - 20lbs bucket

  • ShowTec® MoorFlexTM No. 12298AAA5E

    MoorFlex is a unique, one-of-a-kind, top-dress supplement in meal form for exhibition swine, beef cattle, goats, and lambs. It provides nutritional support for joint flexibility, helping show animals move with ease and comfort.


    Unique livestock feed approved ingredient ? Provides a source of natural substances recognized to influence joint health.

    Cell-Rate® ? Provides a source of nucleotides that may help fuel natural metabolic processes involved in stress, immunity, and production.

    Highly available form of complexed (organic) zinc ? Helps optimize integrity of hoof, gut, and skin, and immune response.

    Wheat germ meal ? Believed to provide beneficial advantages due to availability of octacosanol. These advantages may include better blood oxygen carrying capacity, leading to more oxygenation of body tissues, better endurance, more stamina, and better muscle condition and strength.

    itamins A, D, and natural-source E ? Vitamin A is needed for normal growth, reproduction and maintenance of healthy epithelial tissue. Vitamin D is needed to build strong healthy skeletal frame. Research shows natural-source vitamin E provides more potent antioxidant activity compared to synthetic vitamin E. Vitamin E serves as an antioxidant which helps counteract harmful free radicals produced within the body and helps maintain cell membrane and tissue integrity, also necessary for proper immune system function.

    Multiple B-complex vitamins ? Needed for a host of metabolic functions.

    Unique flavor ? Encourages consumption.

    Meal form ? Just sprinkle it over the complete feed or grain mix; available in 3.75-lb (60 oz) pouch (12298AAA5E) or 13-lb pail (12298AAAPE).

    Feeding Directions

    ShowTec MoorFlex is a top-dress supplement designed for swine, beef cattle, goats, and lambs being fitted for show. This product is not a complete feed and must be fed with a complete show feed or complete grain mix to provide a complete diet. Feed show animals at least twice a day. Scoop included holds approximately 2 oz. Use the following as a guide:

    Show Swine: 2 to 4 oz/head/day

    Show Cattle: 2 to 8 oz/head/day

    Show Sheep: 2 to 4 oz/head/day

    Show Goats: 2 to 4 oz/head/day

    Item No. 01AM12298AAA5E

  • FirewaterTM* No. 11110BC

    • Energy and Electrolytes Top Dress for Exhibition Swine, Cattle, Sheep and Goats
    • Ingredients:Dextrose, Glycine, Sodium, Bicarbonate, Calcium Lactate, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium Sulfate, Citric Acid, L. acidophilus, L. cavei, L. lactis, B. bifidum
    • Feeding Directions: Swine, Sheep & Goats: Add 2 heaping scoops (approx 6 oz) to approximately 18-24 oz water and mix well before administering as a top-dress or drench. Not to exceed 12 scoops (6 servings) in one-24 hour period. For Cattle: Add 4 heaping scoops (approx. 12 oz) to approximately ½ to 1 gallon of water and mix well before administering as a top-dress or drench. Not to exceed 24 scoops (6 servings) in one-24 hour period

    Item No. 01A11110BC

  • MoorMan’s ShowTec® Fast Fat No. 11156

    A conditioning supplement for calves, lambs, and goats.

    Fast Fat can be fed during any phase of the feeding period to achieve desired body condition. Fast Fat is designed to put a smooth finish on livestock and supply energy to the diet of animals being hauled and shown.

    • Provides 10% crude protein and 5% fat
    • A conditioning supplement formulated for calves, lambs, and goats being fitted for show
    • Properly fortified with vitamins and trace minerals for optimal finish and condition
    • Non-medicated
    • Mini-pellet
    • Feed as a top-dress

    Top-dress rations for thin or stressed livestock with Fast Fat at a rate of 8-16 oz per 100 lb body weight per head daily. Calf feeding example (per hd/day)
    1200 lb calf - 96 oz (6 lb) Fast Fat + 24 lb ShowTec Cattle Grower BT + 12 oz #1 Mineral Supplement*

    *Calves should be fed #1 Mineral Supplement at 1 oz per 100 lb of body weight per head daily. NOTE: Base ration volume figured for calf at 2.5% of body weight minus (-) total volume of Fast Fat added to the diet. Goat feeding example (per hd/day)
    100 lb goat - 8 oz Fast Fat + 3 lb ShowTec Elite Goat DC + 2 oz #1 Mineral Supplement

    NOTE: Base ration volume figured for goat at 3% of body weight. Lamb feeding example (per hd/day)
    125 lb lamb - 10 oz Fast Fat + 3.75 lb ShowTec 15.5 Lamb DC + 2.5 oz #1 Mineral Supplement

    NOTE: Base ration volume figured for lamb at 3% of body weight.

    Item No. 01A11156AE