Smooth Wire

  • Smooth Twist Wire (Barbless)

    Smooth Twist Wire/Barbless

    Item# 29OKSTW

    Looking for something to do the job without the severity of barbed wire? OK Brand Barbless Wire has a variety of uses from fencing a pasture full of horses to putting tension wire at the bottom of our Field Fence. Barbless Wire is designed to contain thinner skinned animals that do not need the extra persuasion you get from our barbed products. OK Brand Barbless Wire in manufactured with a Class I coating that meets or exceeds ASTM A-121 specifications.

    Key Benefits:

    Class 1

    12.5 Ga Strand Wire Gauge

    68 lb Approximate Weight

    1320’ Roll Length - 80 Rods

  • 14 ga Smooth Wire

    14 ga Smooth Wire (Galvanized)

    Item# 29OKW1410 - 10 lb. roll (approximately 584')

    Item# 29OKW14100 - 100 lb. roll (approximately 5,846')

  • 16 ga Ty-Wire

    16 Ga. Ty-Wire

    Item # 13R1572 - 16 Ga. Ty-Wire 3 1/2 lb Coil

  • 17 ga Smooth Wire

    17 ga Smooth Wire (Galvanized)

    Item# 29OKW1610 - 10 lb. roll (approximately 1,285')

    Item# 29OKW16100 - 100 lb. roll (approximately 5,846')