4 Ways to Use Cedar Wood Shavings

January 7, 2016

Cedar has long been valued for its beauty and durability for wooden decks, fences and furniture. But this wood is very versatile in many other ways as well, even in the form of wood shavings. Cedar oil contains properties that repel insects, snakes and offers a pleasant smell, making it a natural deterrent for pests and a deodorant for covering pet odor. Cedar also has nutrient qualities that can help fertilize soil. Here are four ways to use cedar wood shavings around your home to reap the benefits of this incredible natural element. 

1.) Pet beds and kitty litter. Cedar shavings are perfect for your dog or cat beds to help repel fleas and other insects. Many dog beds come with cedar shavings mixed with the filler to help deter fleas and ticks. You can add more cedar shavings to your pet beds as filler and it can also be used for bedding for horses and other livestock. Not only is it excellent as an insecticide, it offers a pleasant odor and is absorbent. It can be used as cat litter, effectively absorbing urine and covering the odor.

2.) Repel snakes from around your home. If snakes are a problem at your home, using cedar wood shavings around the foundation and in crawl spaces can help repel these unwanted creatures. The phenols given off in the scent of cedar oil is repellant to snakes, keeping them away from your home. You can also add cedar shavings to any other areas that are prone to snake infestations like garages, barns, and recreational vehicles.

3.) Dispel insects from your outdoor living areas. Cedar wood shavings are a natural deterrent to insects, making them a great addition to your outdoor living areas. Cedar shavings can be used as mulch around plants and landscaping all around your patio and decks, helping repel 80,000+ different insects. To keep them potent, add fresh cedar shavings every 3-6 months – wetting the chips will also help release the oils that repel insects.

4.) Landscaping and potted plants. Cedar wood shavings are an excellent mulch and fertilizer for your plants and landscaping. Not only do they repel insects, but as the shavings breakdown they add nutrients to your soil. As an outdoor mulch, cedar shavings help protect plant roots and seal in moisture as it breaks down to add nutrients into the soil. Cedar shavings can be mixed with potted plant soil as a natural, pleasant smelling fertilizer for potted indoor and outdoor plants.

Cedar wood shavings are an excellent way to repel pests, keep pet odors under control and fertilize your soil. The best part is that it is all-natural and works without the use of harmful chemicals. At Palmer Feed and Supply, we carry  pure cedar shavings for use around your home. Stop by and pick up your supply of cedar wood shavings today and view our other products for all your farm and ranch needs!

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