​Tips and Tricks to Choosing Which Hay Fits Your Animals’ Needs!

August 3, 2020

Tips and Tricks to Choosing Which Hay Fits Your Animals’ Needs!

Hay is an important part of meeting the needs of your livestock. It is important to know the different types of hay and how to match them with your animals’ specific diet. Pasture grass is typically the easiest and most efficient way to keep animals healthy, but during the winter and dry weather, hay is the best alternative to provide forage for your livestock.

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa hay is typically leafier and greener than the other

types of hay. Alfalfa contains more protein, than other forage, usually around 18%.

Coastal Hay

Coastal Hay is a type of common bermuda grass hay. Coastal is a maintenance hay and can be fed free choice without fear of over consumption. Coastal usually contains 15% protein when fertilized properly.

Haygrazer Hay

Haygrazer is typically a sorghum-sudan grass hybrid. Haygrazer is not too high in protein, typically 5-8%, but it does contain the appropriate amount of fiber and carbohydrates to fit the needs of ruminant livestock.

…So which hay is the best for YOUR animals?


Coastal or alfalfa are both good for horses. Because of the higher protein in alfalfa, you can feed that to your maturing horses and to your pregnant/lactating horses. Coastal is a good, maintenance grass hay that gives all of the additional nutrients horses need.


Cattle can and will eat anything and everything! Coastal is perfect if you are trying to give the additional nutrients needed for mature beef cattle or dairy cattle. Hay-grazer is a good choice if you are just trying to give them something a little extra. Alfalfa is excellent if they are needing some extra protein and nutrients in their diet.

Sheep & Goats

Sheep and goats can eat every type of hay. Coastal or hay-grazer will be the most sufficient types of hay as a maintenance. Alfalfa is a good forage if they need additional protein added to their diet.

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