Feeding Your Sheep and Goats for Optimum Nutrition

October 12, 2016

The health, longevity and reproduction of your sheep and goats depends on a diet of high quality feed for optimum nutrition. Their nutritional needs can’t always depend on available pasture to provide it for them, so supplemental livestock feed is essential.

Giving your sheep and goats the right feed in the right amounts can be tricky. Their nutritional needs will vary by their weight and where they are in the production cycle, which is why your intervention is so important. It can’t be left up to just forage to provide the right balance at each stage.

The Science of Proper Livestock Feeding

The first step is to weigh your sheep or goats so that you can measure the feed amounts accordingly. Body condition scoring will also help to adjust feed for the condition of the stock. BCS measurements are more reliable indicators of the health of your stock than visual inspection alone.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right feed for your livestock. They need an ever-changing ratio of roughage, dry matter, and nutrients in their feed. It’s basically a science when you get right down to it; but most of us aren’t scientists, so what’s a rancher to do in order to give their livestock the feed they need? The answer is to find the highest quality feed available with the variety and balance of ingredients your livestock require.

Our Livestock Feed Does the Science for You

Fortunately for you, a lot of the science has already been done for you and livestock feeding is made easier with a line of feed products formulated for every stage and condition of your livestock. You’ll find everything you need with the ideal balance of nutrients suited to the production stage and weight requirements of your sheep and goats. Your livestock feeding should also be available in sweet, pellet and block feed for a balanced diet.

If your sheep or goat get a portion of their nutrients from forage, as they should, you need a livestock feed that supplements rather than replaces the percentage of roughage and nutrients they’re getting from forage. When forage isn’t available all year ‘round, you need livestock feed that will provide those nutrients in its place.

Whether you need feeder, range or grower formulations, Palmer Feed has the livestock feed that will keep your goats and sheep healthy though every stage of production. We have milk replacer, top finish for healthy coat and hooves, and Jump Star milk pellets for your young goats to prevent coccidiosis.

Supplement the nutritional needs of your livestock when pasture isn’t enough, or there isn’t enough of it to keep them healthy during the winter months. Come see your friendly and knowledgeable neighborhood feed supply in San Angelo – Palmer Feed and Supply. We can help you choose the ideal feed for all of your livestock throughout their production cycle. Make sure you’re getting the most value from your sheep and goats by getting the most from their feed. We deliver! Ask about our easy-feed trailers for your use, free of charge.

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