Drones in Agriculture

Drones in Agriculture
March 22, 2021

Hello, my name is Jerry from Aesir Service. Our goal is to help make your job be more efficient and with

our drone-based solutions we can assist you in giving you aerial inspections of your field within any

given stage of the growing seasons from germination and emergence to maturation, saving time and

money in making a successful harvest season.

Here is what you gain to achieve by working with us:

  • Ensure accuracy with high quality aerial imagery from the field’s edge which
  • o Will help optimize zone efficiency of fields
  • Cut cost and time with digital, shareable reports for progress
  • Save money and stay updated on crop growth
  • Reduce labor by the use of our technology to provide transparency to insurance adjustor claims
  • to get a more accurate data on crop loss damage
  • Ease and accuracy of land analysis and land surveying until ready to harvest
  • This is What we do, with our technology we can assist in:
  • Aerial images to create 2D & 3D model of your land
  • Measuring plant health, quantitatively
  • Optimizing zone efficiency of fields
  • Detecting early indicators of plant stress
  • Generating prescription maps for poor emergence yields
  • Identifying damaged fencing
  • Assessing storm/water damage
  • Assessing hail damage
  • Assessing livestock
  • We will create a routine progress report on the field and also create
  • o Real-time topographic maps
  • It is not just a PDF of a pile of photos. We offer a web interface with a report you can integrate
  • into your asset management system.
  • You will be able to connect with us from anywhere you are

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